Lift the Weight of Debt Off Your Shoulders

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When you owe a crushing amount of debt, you might feel as if your life is out of your control. How can you save for the future when you owe so much money? What will happen to your family if you get injured? Pearson Law, PLC understands how stressful living with debt can be. Turn to our dedicated bankruptcy attorney to help you relieve your debt and start fresh.

Contact us today to speak with a debt relief attorney in Scottsdale, AZ about your finances. You can schedule a free consultation with attorney Pearson at your convenience.

Is bankruptcy right for you?

Is bankruptcy right for you?

The decision to file for bankruptcy is not one to take lightly. Attorney Pearson can help you weigh your options. Reach out to Pearson Law, PLC if:

  • You’re constantly harassed by debt collectors
  • You fell into debt because of medical expenses
  • You recently lost your job

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