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Welcome to Pearson Law. My name is Karl S. Pearson, Scottsdale, AZ business attorney and founder of Pearson Law, PLC. As the business owner and operator of Pearson Law, I understand the concerns that entrepreneurs and businesses face every day.

From managing employees to daily operations, keeping track of your finances, all while staying focused on the future of your business, you have a lot to deal with, and complex legal issues shouldn't be one of them.

Small Business Lawyer in Scottsdale AZ

Running a Small Business

Let's face it; running a small business is both rewarding and demanding. When legal issues arise you need a trusted source that you can turn to.

You need someone who understands the sweat and tears that you have poured into your business and will help protect your business as if it was their own.

From issues with contracts and transactions to owner disputes, you can count on Pearson Law to personally help you resolve legal issues pertaining to your small business.
  • Business Formation
  • Contracts
  • Litigation
  • Owner Disputes

Business Formation

Venturing out and starting a business can be an exciting time; after all, it's the culmination of the American Dream. Neglecting the essentials when it comes to forming a company can complicate business operations and impede your success from the start.

Starting a business requires thorough and effective planning to protect your personal and financial interests and shelter you from potential disputes that may arise in the future.
I bring both legal experience and knowledge of Arizona business to create a strong foundation from the onset.

Business Contracts

Contracts are the foundation of any profitable business. Contracts define the rights and obligations of the parties. A good contract is understandable and unambiguous.
Contracts should be written carefully to ensure your business is protected. While “handshake” deals are theoretically enforceable, they can be problematic if a dispute arises. The parties often disagree regarding the terms of the deal. Without a written contract, it is difficult to prove the terms of the agreement. Contractual terms should be clearly documented to avoid later misunderstandings.
I can help you prepare a contract that protects your legal and financial interests. If you have been asked to sign a contract, I can review it and if necessary negotiate better terms to protect your companies interests.
A business contract creates certain obligations that must be fulfilled. When a party fails to satisfy its contractual obligations, that party has breached the contract.
Common contractual disputes include:
  • Failure to deliver goods and services
  • Failure to fully complete the job
  • Failure to pay on time
  • Providing inferior products and services

Small Business Litigation

When a dispute arises, you need to make a sound business decision. Sometimes that will mean negotiating a resolution, other times it will require filing a lawsuit. You need an attorney who can handle all aspects of your contract dispute.
At Pearson Law, I am committed to helping my clients resolve business and commercial disputes.

Business Owner Disputes

From disagreements over the direction of your business to differences in compensation negotiating a resolution may become necessary and other times may require filing a lawsuit.

Pearson Law has the experience to handle all aspects of a business dispute and should it become necessary to go to trial, you can rest assured that I am always prepared.
  • Breach of Contract

    In the business world, there are countless types of contracts. From employee agreements to transactional agreements and covenants not to compete, to name a few.

    A Breach of Contract occurs when a party fails failure to perform any promise that forms all or part of a contract. 

    There are several remedies for breach of contracts, such as an award of monetary damages, specific performance, rescission, and restitution. In most situations, the main remedy is an award of monetary damages. 
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty

    In certain situations, a party may have a fiduciary duty to another party. A fiduciary relationship arises when one party is bound to act for the benefit of the other.

    A fiduciary is required to manage another party's assets and has legal and ethical obligations to put the other party's interests ahead of his or her own. A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care to which an individual can be held. 

    A breach of fiduciary duty occurs when the fiduciary fails to act in the best interests of the protected party. 

    A fiduciary relationship can arise in a business agency, a professional relationship, or due to family ties. 

    The following relationships are usually considered fiduciary in nature:
    • Husband & Wife
    • Parent & Child
    • Other Familial Relationships
    • Guardian & Ward
    • Attorney &Client
    • Corporate Director & Corporation
    • Partners
    • General Partner to Limited Partner
    • Joint Venturers
    • Broker & Client
    • Agent & Principal
    • A real Estate Agent or Broker & Principal
    • Escrow Agent to Parties in a Transaction
    • Trustee & Parties to or Beneficiaries of a Trust
    • Executor, Administrator or Creditors
Business owners may owe fiduciary duties to each other. Fiduciary duties help ensure that each owner acts in a manner that is consistent with the interests of other owners and the business itself.

Arizona statutes and case law impose various duties of loyalty, good faith, and due care on business owners. You should consult with an experienced business attorney to determine your rights and obligations as a business owner. 
  • Business Dissolution

    When a stakeholder or partner wishes to leave a company, there should be processes in place to enable the other principals to buy out his or her ownership interest and to account for a smooth transition.

    In some situations, however, the owners may not agree on how to end the relationship. In such situations, Arizona law allows an owner to seek judicial dissolution of the entity. This involves liquidating and dividing up the assets of the entity. 
  • Partnership & Shareholder Disputes

    When shareholders, partners, or other stakeholders are embroiled in an argument, I can act to protect their valuable interests and to help resolve the problem. If a resolution is not possible, I am prepared to go to court to enforce my client’s rights.
  • Transactional Disputes

    From collecting assets that are outstanding on a promissory note to enforcing a transactional contract, I protect the interests of my clients in controversies surrounding transactions and acquisitions.
  • Debtors & Creditors in Collections

    Pearson Law represents both debtors and creditors. If you are having difficulty collecting money that is owed to you, I can initiate procedures to help you receive the payment owed, including placing liens on property or utilizing wage and bank account garnishments.

    If you are unable to pay money that you owe to other businesses, I can also help negotiate a settlement with your creditors. I can also assist in filing bankruptcy if that is the right path to take.

    In addition to the litigation disputes noted above, I also handle complex issues involving the following.
    • Employment Litigation
    • Professional Service Disputes
    • Fraud & Misrepresentation
    • Tortious Interference With Contract
    • Theft of Trade Secrets
    • Unfair Competition
    • Collections Actions
    • Intellectual Property Claims
In addition to the above litigation issues, Businesses can face a litany of other challenges. From licensing to trademarks, when you need help with legal matters pertaining to your business you can count on Karl Pearson at Pearson Law to provide the answers that you need to hear, not just what you want to hear.

Personal, Legal Representation

Representing individuals and Arizona businesses of all sizes, I believe that everyone deserves straightforward answers. Unlike large law firms, at Pearson Law, you can expect my personal attention every step of the way.
When Clients hire me, they have direct access to me throughout their case and will never be assigned to an Associate Attorney with little experience.

Small Business Lawyer

When questions arise about your business, and you're not sure where to turn, I can assess your small business issues and explain your options in terms that make sense and provide a frank assessment of the likely outcome of your case.

My goal is to resolve your matter as quickly as possible. 
With over 25 years of experience, when it comes to your business's health, financial success, and future, at Pearson Law, you can count on knowledgeable strategies to resolve business disputes, litigation, contracts, operating agreements, bankruptcy, and more with a personal touch. When you need an experienced, reliable small business legal counsel, contact Scottsdale, AZ Small Business Lawyer Karl Pearson, to learn what your legal options are or call (480) 820-1800.


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